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Monday, October 11, 2010

Eye Protection - Single (1979)

Here's a single that doesn't seem to show up in blogland too often. It's a great single, and the only one, by this San Francisco band who played around for just a couple years. The a-side is a very energetic song and is the winner here. They play a new wave style with piano and horns but this song has the right amount of everything that makes it a great and fun song to listen to. The singer is Andy Prieboy who joined Wall Of Voodoo in 1983 and had a few hit songs with them.

info here:
and here:

Track List:
01. Elroy Jetson
02. Go Go Girl


  1. i love the piano...........thanks i'm gonna listen to this

  2. Yep.........Elroy Jetson is the winner.

    Do you have Strange obsessions by Protex ?

  3. I do not have Strange Obsessions by Protex. I'm looking for it myself. But, I do have all the singles if you need those.

  4. If you got the time for it.... that would be nice

    thanks. If i find the Strange Obsessions i'll send it to you

  5. Thank you for this...I really appreciate it as a fan of Wall of Voodoo, especially Andy Prieboy era.

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