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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cuddly Toys - Moonlight Club, London 3-31-80

Some Post-Punk maybe? The Cuddly Toys were formerly the Punk band The Raped who released two classic singles in 1978. This live set captures the band playing an energetic set of half covers and half originals including the songs from their first two singles. Covers of David Bowie/Marc Bolan, Move, Supremes, Brian Eno, Stooges and they end the set with the classic Raped song Normal.

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Faebhean Kwest interview here:

01). Sound Of The Siren
02). Wolf
03). Madman
04). It Wasn't My Idea To Dance
05). Astral Joe
06). Bring On The Ravers
07). Join The Girls
08). Holocaust
09). You Keep Me Hanging On
10). Baby's On Fire
11). Dirt
12). Normal


  1. Great Stuff,Thanx.
    Have you got any live recordings of London punk band The Dark?

  2. I don't have any Dark live shows. Never seen any going around. Would love to find some though.