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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Victims - Perth Australia 1978

These Victims were from Perth Australia and released one classic single in 1977 and one ep in 1978 before splitting in 1979. This live recording features both songs from the first single and a pile of cover songs. The recording is from the audience so the sound quality is rough and raw but surely worth a listen.

01 Chinese Rocks [Johnny Thunders]
02 Chinese Rocks [Johnny Thunders]
03 Out Of My Head
04 I'm Looking For You
05 Television Addict
06 New Society
07 Elvis Is Dead
08 Helter Skelter [Beatles]
09 I Feel Alright [Stooges]
10 Pretty Vacant [Sex Pistols]+ (I'm) Flipped Out Over You
11 I Wanna Be A Monster
12 Dooeayh
13 What The Hell Is New Wave + Disco Junkie


  1. I love that performance, thank you! I wouldn't say the quality is THAT rough and/or's a bit muffly and aged but still listenable. Quality gets a 6/10 so it's okay.

  2. Didn't this band turn into the Hoodoo Gurus? Just wondering. Thanks.

  3. Shemp, one or two of the guys in Hoodoo Gurus was in The Victims.