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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fantasy 7 - Demos c.1992 (with Steve Jones)

In the early 1990s ex-Sex Pistols Steve Jones formed a new band called Fantasy 7. They played around Los Angeles for a couple years and recorded demos but never released anything. The line up was Steve Jones - Guitar, Mark McCoy - vocals, Todd Hoffman - bass, & Pete Kelly - drums.

01. Twisted
02. On And On
03. Hair Brain
04. Angelic Gorilla
05. TV Babies
06. America
07. Run
08. Spill My Blood
09. Nobody's Dog
10. Born Losers
11. Join The Professionals
12. Suck My Gun
13. Stanger In My Bed
14. Rock & Pop Radio Promo (1992)
15. Rock & Pop Radio Promo (1994)


  1. His (cock)rock period haha......this period he grew his hair.

    oh what a shame...

    join the professionals is ok

  2. Topper, I think you can here the Pistols/Professionals guitar style in all these songs and Born Loser sounds to me like a lost Professionals song. I like Fantasy 7.

  3. yeah Bat youre right........but i never where a fan of the Pistols (and Steve Jones). I think still that Chriss Spedding was playing the pistols guitar riffs.

    Sorry bout my's sure rare
    Never knew he had played in Fantasy 7

  4. Shame you don't like the Pistols, Topper. If I was being shipped off to Alcatraz Island and was allowed to take only one album with me the Sex Pistols album would be that one. That's the one that started it all for me.