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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1978 John Peel Sessions

Here is a list of the Punk John Peel Sessions from 1978:

11 January          Crisis  [officially released]
18 January          Wire
23 January          Adam & The Ants  [officially released]
  1 February        Killjoys
  6 February        Siouxsie And The Banshees  [officially released]
  8 February        Patrik Fitzgerald
13 February       Wasps
14 February       Magazine  [officially released]
20 February       X-Ray Spex  [officially released]
27 February       Vibrators  [officially released]
  1 March            Wreckless Eric  [officially released]
15 March             Flys
20 March             Rich Kids
   3 April              White Cats
   5 April              Only Ones  [officially released]
10 April               Buzzcocks  [officially released]
17 April               Slits  [officially released]
18 April               Lurkers  [officially released]
19 April               Smirks
26 April               Crabs
  2 May                Boys  [officially released]
15 May                Boomtown Rats
16 May                Skids
17 May                Zones
23 May                U.K.Subs  [officially released]
30 May                Fall  [officially released]
31 May                Rezillos
  5 June               Gruppo Sportivo
  6 June               Hits [Sniveling Shits]  [officially released]
26 June               Chelsea  [officially released]
  3 July                Pop Group
  4 July                Desperate Bicycles
  5 July                Penetration
10 July                Adam & The Ants  [officially released]
11 July                King  [1/4 officially released]
12 July                Carpettes
19 July                Patrik Fitzgerald
24 July                Magazine  [officially released]
25 July                Lurkers  [officially released]
26 July                Leyton Buzzards
  1 August           Spizzoil
  2 August           Tanz Dar Youth
11 August           Prefects  [officially released]
16 August           White Cats
21 August           Adverts  [officially released]
22 August           Punishment Of Luxury
23 August           Pragvec
29 August           Skids
  4 September     Radio Stars
  6 September     U.K.Subs  [officially released]
12 September     Stiff Little Fingers  [officially released]
13 September     Zones
18 September     Motorhead  [officially released]
20 September     Wire
  1 October         Undertones  [officially released]
  2 October         Stoat
  3 October         John Cooper Clarke
  4 October         Molesters (ex-Vibrators)
18 October         Buzzcocks  [officially released]
24 October         Angelic Upstarts  [officially released]
25 October         999
  6 November     X-Ray Spex  [officially released]
14 November     Flys
27 November     Fall  [officially released]
29 November     Vic Godard  & Subway Sect [officially released]
  4 December     Cure [officially released]
13 December     Carpettes
18 December     Leyton Buzzards
19 December     Only Ones  [officially released]

Go here for complete 1978 Peel Sessions listing:

Anyone have Flys, Stoat, Leyton Buzzards, Stoat or Punishment of Luxury sessions? Let me know, I am looking for them.


  1. Please Carpettes and The Zones

    Gracias !

  2. Hi there. Have to say your site is terrific. Any chance you have any live recordings of Brisbane's finest THE SAINTS circa 1977 - they did two UK tours and a short European stint. (Two shows have been released: Live at The Roundhouse and Hope & Anchor.) I know of one live show that is floating around Live at Barbarellas in Birmingham. cheers Mark

  3. Hi Mark, The only Saints show I have that is not officially released is Live at WFMU 5-21-05. I have the Hope & Anchor show but that has been officially released. I used to have the Birmingham show but that's gone missing and I also used to have the Punk Vault 7"ep that had three songs live from an Australian tv show in 1977. That's disappeared also. Other than these I've never seen any other 1977 shows by the Saints.

  4. That Desperate Bicycles Peel Session would be amazing to here.

  5. Marco, here is one song from the Desperate Bicycles Peel Session:

  6. Humongous thanks for the White Cats sessions.

    Best regards
    Melody Pee, Bromma, Sweden