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Thursday, April 21, 2011

XL Capris - Live 1981

XL Capris were from Sydney Australia and existed between 1978 and 1982. They released two albums and several 7"s in that time. One of their songs was comped on the KBD like series Back To Front. I don't think any of their other songs would really appeal to the KBD crowd but they are good. Both these shows are radio recordings and the sound quality is very good.

info here:

@ Live-to-air, Sydney 10-27-81
01. Fat Boy
02. Please Excuse Me
03. Spirit Of Progress
04. Tokyo
05. AMP
06. World War 3
07. Igloos
08. Evelyn
09. Luna
10. Killer Seas
11. Quiet World
12. Dark Star
13. My City Of Sydney

@ Governor's Pleasure Hotel, Sydney Australia 1981
01. World War 3
02. Red Bikini Runaway
03. Button B
04. Evelyn
05. On The Beach
06. Forest Used For Passion
07. Parramatta Rd.
08. Shark Horror
09. Hi-Rise Attack


  1. Many thanks for the XL Capris live material. Strangely, only the 1st link is working.

  2. Okay bikeboy, I've re-upped the second show and added the new link.