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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Neighborhoods - Paradise, Boston 12-27-79

Before the Neighborhoods were famous they were just another band from Boston slugging it out in the clubs of that city. In 1979 they released a now classic single. Their next release wasn't until 5 years later. They eventually released 4 albums and one 12" ep. This live show was recorded not too long after their first single was released and both songs are played along with some that never got released at all. This is either a soundboard recording or radio broadcast and the quality is great.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01). No Place Like Home
02). Monday Morning
03). I Love Flavors
04). Roxanne
05). Mr. Reeves
06). Standards
07). Getting Trapped In a Corner
08). Teacher's Pet
09). Arrogance
10). Prettiest Girl
11). Don't Expect Me Tonight
12). She's So Good
13). Think It Over
14). I Can't Think Straight
15). One Day Older

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