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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weirdos - rehearsal, lives shows and demo 1977/1978/1989

The Weirdos are my favorite American Punk band so I thought I'd do a big Weirdos post. They existed between 1977 and 1981 and in that time they released only two 7" singles and two 12" ep. It wasn't until 1989 when they regrouped that they finally released an LP. It is unfortunate for the world of music that they did not get to release an LP in 1978 because it would have been a treasured classic. They certainly had the songs for it. The rehearsal and the Whiskey show have been bootleged up and down the world but thought I'd put them up anyways. The Gold Bear show has one song I can't title. Anyone know it? This version of Barbaric Americana is the same one that is on the Weird World vol. 2 CD. These Condor rough mixes are much better here than the final release.

@ Rehearsal 1977 (from cassette tape)
01. Message From The Underworld
02. Bed Bad
03. I Want What I Want
04. Life Of Crime
05. Go Kid Hugo
06. Solitary Confinement
07. Scream Baby Scream
08. I'm A Mole
09. Teenage
10. I'm Not Like You
11. Why Do You Exist
12. Do The Dance
13. Destroy All Music

@ Whiskey, Los Angeles 10-16-77 (from cassette tape)
01. Solitary Confinement
02. I'm Plastic
03. Scream Baby Scream
04. Life Of Crime
05. Teenage
06. Destroy All Music
07. Message From The Underworld
08. It Means Nothing To Me
09. Do The Dance

@ Golden Bear, Huntington Beach CA 9-06-78
01. intro
02. title unknown
03. Destroy All Music
04. Neutron Bomb
05. Life Of Crime
06. Hit Man
07. Idle Life
08. Happy People
09. Fort USA
10. Barbaric Americana
11. Solitary Confinement

Condor rough mixes (1989)
01. Something's Moving
02. Shining Silver Light
03. Living Thing
04. Terrain
05. Cyclops Helicopter
06. Nowhere To Run


  1. great band...........great post !!

  2. brilliant i've always wanted live weirdos gigs for my collection brilliant many thanks

  3. I've got the Whisky show but the date on mine is 10-16-77 and it has one more song (Why do you exist)that goes between Teenage and Destroy all music; this is an excellent upload anyway; Thanx a lot!!!

  4. Anon., is you show from the bootleg LP or from an old tape? I got my tape in 1984 and I've never seen a copy back then that had more than 9 songs. There wasn't a noticeable tape break on my tape so perhaps some enterprising bootlegger thought a bootleg album would look better with 5 songs per side than 5 and 4. Maybe that version of Why Do You Exist comes from some other show. Bootleggers have been known to do that. But, who knows.