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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nervous Eaters - WCOZ, Boston 7-23-78 + Demo

 Here's a great live show from a  great band. Nervous Eaters at the time of this recording has 2 single out and were Boston favorites. They released one album in 1980 before disappearing from the scene. Before they got the record deal for the album they recorded a 10 song demo for the record company and I think the demo of Last Chance is one of those songs. The live show is a radio broadcast and is great quality as is the demo. From cassette tape.

@ WCOZ, Boston 7-23-78:
01). Get Stuffed
02). Last Chance
03). After Your Good Times Gone
04). Have It With Your Coffee
05). By Yourself
06). She's Gonna Be My Baby
07). On The Avenue
08). Just Head
09). Fantasy Girl
10). Hot Steel & Acid
11). Fish

01. Last Chance


  1. yep.........great band just ordered their single

    Thank you for these recordings