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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turbo Hy Dramatics – EP + 2 LPs (1984-1985) [ex R. Hell + ex Buzzcocks]

Here is a band no one seems to have ever heard of. I used to have this album on a tape but lost it a long time ago. I only have these first two songs from the album. Has anyone got it. I don't want to own the LP but some nice mp3s would be great.

The main person in the band was Geoff Freeman who in the early 1980s played guitar in RICHARD HELL's band and can be heard on some tracks on the Time CD. The drummer was Vinnie Signorelli who was later famous with the Unsane. The band released one 12"ep and two albums. On the 12"ep Steve Garvey from the BUZZCOCKS played bass. On the albums they had different bass players including Russell Berke who was at one time in Certain General.

The band were based out of New York City but were active in Germany and all their records were released in that country.

I've never heard the second album and would like to if anyone has it. It doesn't seem any of their records were re-released on CD.

Some info here:

**Note: after I posted this a long time friend in Germany emailed to say he had the first two records and would digitize them for me. Recently, he found the 2nd LP in a record shop and has also kindly digitized that for me. Here I upload the whole set for all who are interested.

5 Song Mini-LP (1984)
01. Get Submerged
02. Incommunicado Baby
03. Automatic
04. Cindy
05. Fine By Me

High Mass On The High Frontier LP (1984)
01. High Frontier
02. Whistling Death
03. Death Dance
04. Partly Cloudy And Greezy
05. Polish Worker
06. We Are Mad And We Are Taking No Shit
07. Mainline
08. Don't Think Night Into Day
09. Turning Night Into Day
10. Knock Knock Knock
11. Mad Dog
12. High Mass On The High Frontier

Set Fire To Your Self (1985)
01. See Right Through Me
02. Sugarloo
03. Three Women
04. Set Fire To Your Self
05. When You Came
06. New Boy
07. Money, Fame And Power
08. Lola Loves Chocolate
09. Fly Away
10. Down In The Boondocks


  1. Different cover but same title?

    or mediafire direct

    Thanks for the Thrills post


  2. i have a live tape from 1985, gonna release it on my blog in the next two weeks...

  3. Thanks swiss tapes, I'll be looking for that one.

  4. Thanks a lot, I have both LP's but cannot digitalize them, thanks again :)

  5. The TurboHydramatics were living in west-Berlin for 1 or 2 years around 1984/85. I saw them like 3 or 4 times in that period. They also hung out at the infamous Risiko bar, and were befriended with the Einstürzende Neubauten + Nick Cave circles at that time.
    TurboHydramatics were a great liveband who played live also the "speeded up" Minor Threat version of the classic song "Stepping Stone"