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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gang Of Four - Paradiso, Amsterdam 2-15-80

This is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good. However, at some point along the way a warped tape was copied so at the beginning of one of the songs the warpage can be heard.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. It's Her Factory
02. Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time
03. title unknown
04. Natural's Not In It
05. At Home He's A Tourist
06. title unknown
07. Contract
08. Rosanne [Mekons]
09. Glass


  1. Many thanx for this one. Do you have their concert at the Paradiso in 79 also? Or any other concert for that matter.

  2. The only other Gang of Four concert I have is @ Mothers, Chicago 11-09-79.

  3. worth a look (if you haven't already)


  4. Dave Sez here. GaryDor beat me to it: my megapost above indexes all available Go4 live recordings 1979-2011 out there on the web, the UK '79 (incl. two unreleased tracks) and Hamburg '81 being particularly recommended. The Go4 gig at the Paard Van Troje (Trojan Horse) club in Den Haag a few days earlier/later than the Paradiso is also there, but low quality. So thanks a million, bat29, for this one, which I'll add to the list pronto - and hope you find something you like at the megapost, don't forget to look in the comments section too! Cheers, Dave Sez.

    PS: I have done several other new wave megaposts - see and click Older Posts at the bottom of the first page for the continuation (Ultravox and Magazine).

  5. This and other rare Go4 recordings re-upped to - thanks, bat29! Cheers, Dave Sez.

  6. Happy to announce that, thanks to Morten, we have an alternative version of this - only six tracks, but it doesn't have the tape mangle at the beginning of Part Of This aka Blood Free (here: track 3 Unknown; intended to be the first post-Entertainment single, it was never recorded in the studio by the group). The alternative version also includes Damaged Goods, omitted here. Get the two, and you have what there is.

    Part 1
    Dl :
    Part 2
    Dl :

    01 Contract
    02 It's her factory
    03 ?
    04 Damaged Goods
    05 ?
    06 Natural's Not In It

    For the Go4 megapost, look here:

    Don't forget to check the comments to each post for further recordings.

    Thanks, bat29! That's all. Dave Sez.

  7. Thanks Dave for your comment and for re-posting this show n your blog!