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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Public Disturbance - New Jersey 1983

Can anyone identify this band? The show is from the 1982-1984 hardcore period. A few people think it might be Bedlam from New Jersey. This is off of a video and was recorded from the audience. The sound quality is rough but good.

Public Disturbance info here:

01. intro
02. It's About Time
03. Youth Corps
04. Caged
05. Who's Freedom
06. Best Years
07. Peace, Love and Anarchy
08. Rock 'n' Roll [Led Zeppelin]
09. A System
10. Damaged [Black Flag]


  1. I don't think that is Bedlam, IMHO. At least this doesn't sound at all like their BOR releases. Then again those came out in 86, maybe this was an earlier incarnation.

    Check out two of their releases at

    The AOD/Bedlam split is floating around as well.

  2. The first Bedlam LP was released in 1984 and they had a demo before that LP.
    It might not be Bedlam, though.

  3. screencaps of the video can be seen here

    it's the last 3 ones. On here, i must say that the singer is looking alot like the one from bedlam (check the pic on the killfromtheheart website), but the music is not the one on their lp...

    thanks bat29 for posting that recording, let's see if it's going somewhere

  4. Pretty sure this is Public Disturbance from New Jersey. They had a LP and 7" out on Mutha Records. I had a copy of this on the end of The Necros video and didn't know who it was for years, didn't recognize any of the songs apart from the covers but then I got a copy of the Public Disturbance LP and recognized some of the tracks from the video.

  5. Ha, this is off the end of the Necros video. Public Disturbance info here:

  6. hehe looks like we got a winner. i'm downloading the lp & ep asap.
    funny you said you had the video at the end of the necros love hall video cuz this is the same here, that video was also at the end of the necros love hall show!

  7. tracklist seems to be:
    01 intro
    02 it's about time
    03 youth corps
    04 caged
    05 who's freedom
    06 best years
    07 peace, love and anarchy
    08 rock'n'roll (led zeppelin)
    09 a system
    10 damaged (black flag)

  8. This show was from 1983 in New Jersey.

  9. Thanks for that information.

  10. yes it's public disturbance from city gardens in trenton N.J. would love to see the video and or hear it this is the drummer john radcliffe please get in touch my e mail is