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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blood Circus/Slang - Chatterbox, San Francisco 2-24-89

Blood Circus were a Seattle band and released one album on SubPop Records in 1989. Slang was a relatively unknown band outside San Francisco but they were the best. The line up on this show featured Bomber and Barry who were previously members of RKL. This line up recorded a demo but never released anything. With different members the band continued into the early 1990s and were very popular in San Francisco. In the 1990s they released one or two CDs but with a different style than they play on this show. These sets were recorded from the audience and the sound quality is good.

Blood Circus info here:
Some Blood Circus info here:

Slang - Chatterbox, San Francisco 2-24-89 [from cassette tape]
01. Haven't Had Enough
02. And It Shows
03. Runaway
04. No Time To Lose
05. The Game
06. Suns Going Down
07. Too Close To The Edge

Blood Circus - Chatterbox, San Francisco 2-24-89 [from cassette tape]
01. Electric Johnny
02. Frustration
03. Road To Hell
04. My Dad's Dead
05. Two Way Street
06. Shakin' All Over [Johnny Kidd & The Pirates]
07. Gnarly
08. title unknown
09. Six Foot Under
10. title unknown
11. title unknown


  1. Thanks a lot for posting SLANG!!! You rock!
    Do you have some more SLANG recordings?
    I'm addicted to Noise Addiction...

  2. Sorry, I no longer have other Slang shows. I used to have two others from Covered Wagon Saloon in 1989 that I taped but those have gone missing.