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Saturday, February 19, 2011

V.A. Sex Pistols/Germs/Darby Crash/Adam Ant interviews Rodney on The ROQ

01. Sex Pistols - Rodney on The ROQ 1977 [from cassette tape]
02. Germs - Rodney on The ROQ c.1979 [from cassette tape]
03. Darby Crash - Rodney on The ROQ 1980 [from cassette tape]
04. Adam Ant - Rodney on The ROQ 1981 [from cassette tape]

The Sex Pistols interview is by telephone and is with Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious. They announce that their next single is going to be No Future/No Feelings. Fee Waybill of The Tubes in in the KROQ studio and helps with the interview. Some excerpts from this were released on the Some Product; Carry On Sex Pistols album.

The Germs interview is a one minute excerpt of a longer interview but I only have this part. The band talk about their new album.

In the Darby Crash interview he talks about the end of The Germs, England and playing a show in San Francisco.

Adam Ant reads Circle Jerks lyrics from the Group Sex album and talks about appearing on the US television show Solid Gold.

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  1. Thanks alot, though your tape deck seems to be running slow. Easily fixed it with pitch correction.