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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seven Seconds - part 1; Demos 1980-1981

It's a shame that Seven Seconds' Skins, Brains, Guts ep wasn't an LP because it would be a classic LP of the era up there with Circle Jerks Group Sex and Black Flag's Damaged. And there were easily enough songs then for two albums. At least we have these demos. These are my favorite Seven Seconds recordings.

Drastic Measures demo 1980 [from cassette tape]
01. Wartime
02. ANA In The USA
03. Anti-Youth
04. Right To Fight
05. Death Trip
06. Police State (live)

Socially Fucked Up demo 1981  [from cassette tape]
01. Don't Fuck With Me
02. This Means You
03. Media Massacre
04. Fight Or Unite
05. Cops Are Criminals
06. Socially Fucked Up
07. Racism Sucks
08. I Can't Take It
09. I Hate Sports
10. Condemned
11. Abortion Car
12. Hardcore Rules

3 Chord Politics demo 1981
01. We Want Control
02. No Authority
03. Left Wing, Right Wing
04. Baby Games
05. Fuck Your Amerika
06. Drastic Measures
07. War Paint
08. Redneck Society
09. Don't Conform
10. Heavy Metal Jocks
11. Power Not Integrity
12. No
13. Anti-Youth

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