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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

M.I.A./Seven Seconds @ Sportsman's Hall, Sun Valley CA 11-09-84

Two bands, one show. recorded through the soundboard so the quality is very good.

M.I.A. setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Modern Way
02. -technical difficulties jam-
03. Small Man In A Big World
04. Used to Know Me
05. Tell Me Why
06. Turning Into What You Hate
07. Murder In A Foreign Place
08. What's Your Problem
09. Voices In The Dark
10. Give Me Freedom
11. Who Will Survive
12. Make A Choice
13. Boredom Is The Reason
14. Las Vegas

Seven Seconds setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Strength
02. Young Til I Die
03. Fuck Your Amerika
04. Drug Control
05. Bottomless Pit
06. Heres Your Warning
07. In Your Face
08. Bully
09. We're Gonna Fight
10. Wasted Life (Ain't No Crime)
11. Regress No Way
12. Skins, Brains, and Guts
13. Remains to Be Seen
14. Anti-Klan
15. Not Just Boys Fun
16. This Is The Angry Part 2
17. I Have A Dream
18. Out Of Touch
19. Commited For Life
20. No Authority
21. Red Ballons


  1. Wow! I literally live down the street from what used to be the Sportsman Hall. I was too young to go see any of these shows at the time (I was born in '76). So it's always cool to hear live recordings from my hometown of Sun Valley. Same with Godzilla's. Both were torn/taken down many years ago. The Sportsman Hall is now a tennis court and Godzilla's is a company that makes parts for aircrafts. Thanks for the archives!

  2. thunmb up for the relatively old MIA show

  3. Ah, taqn, you were born too late. Well, at least you can live it through old recordings, photos, flyers etc.

  4. Fantastic...MIA, one of my all-time favorites! Thanks for the awesome posts!

    - Rusty

  5. whoa. lossferwords. one of my first small size hardcore shows. thanks for posting. .... do the taping catch that guy Ranger from FFF going off on stage in the mic? or was that the possessed, coc, hirax gig at sun valley?