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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Misanthropic Charity - De Space, Rotterdam Holland 5-20-89

Misanthropic Charity were from Copenhagen Denmark and existed from 1985 until 1989. The band featured Bibbi on vocals and Michael on drums who both had previously been members of Electric Deads. Anders, formerly of Enola Gay, was on guitar and Lars played the bass. In 1986 they recorded and released their one and only LP. After the LP was released Michael left the band and was replaced by Ant (aka Juris) who was the mastermind behind and singer of President Fetch. In 1988 they recorded two new songs which were released on a compilation LP in France (I forget the name of it). In May 1989 they did a tour of Holland with another Danish band, Happy Harriet & The Fallen Men. This live show was recorded during that tour. Most of the songs here were new at the time and because they broke up after this tour they were never recorded in the studio. This is a soundboard recording so the quality is very good.

01. The Price
02. Waking Up
03. New Day
04. Happy Life
05. My Flag
06. Hard To Find
07. What Do You Know
08. At The CJ
09. Dreams
10. Zinc
11. I Can't Wait
12. Rebel Rouser [Sweet]
13. When It Hurts


  1. just heard about them yesterday, now it's time to listen to them.... thanks!!

  2. Hope you Like them. They don't sound at all like Electric Deads but more 70s Punk influenced.

  3. for sure not as good as electric deads (don't have their 1st demo BTW) or even early president fetch (their demo is just great, still surprised no one asked for it), but still very listenable, gotta have to search for their records now....

    cheers again

  4. I actually prefer Misanthropic Charity to Electric Deads. I used to have an Electric Deads practice tape c.1984 when they were rehearsing new songs for the album they never recorded. Lost it somewhere though.

    Here's a video of President Fetch with a song from their first demo:

  5. Thank you for this live.
    I prefer Electric deads but Bibbi's voice on Misanthropic Charity is really great.

  6. For anyone interested, the Misanthropic Charity LP has been posted on Pay No More Than blog:

  7. Working on a 7" with the unreleased songs by Misanthropic Charity, recorded after the album. To be released on No Plan records.

    1. Fantastic!! I remember the two studio songs recorded after the album. One song was called Friends or something like that. It's a shame that the songs on this live show were never recorded in the studio. I think there are a bunch of live recordings before the album that have a few unreleased songs on them too.

  8. The A side is My Friend. The B side are the two other songs: Message and New Day (the latter you have on this live recording). Really quality stuff. Hope it´s out by June. Let´s see!