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Thursday, September 30, 2010

F Models - Practice for LP 1983 + bonus tracks

Has anyone ever heard of the The F Models? They were from Akron Ohio and released two singles in the early 1980s. The first one came out in 1981 with the songs Nobody Loves Me/Russia Rocks and the second in 1982 with God Fearing Man/It's Not Right (info here: Both singles are great but sadly none of the songs ever ended up on any KBD releases/boots. The band were also rehearsing songs to record for an LP which apparently was never recorded but here is one of those rehearsals. Also included are the four songs from their singles recorded at two different shows at the famous JB's in Kent Ohio, and an interview with the band.

@ Practice for LP 1983:
01. New York City
02. Eye On You
03. title unknown
04. In And Out
05. I'm In Love
06. title unknown
07. Doesn't Bother Me
08. Smells Like Sex
09. LGBD-intro
10. God Save Chrysler
11. God Save Chrysler
12. Brain Washed
13 God Fearing Man
14. title unknown
15. title unknown
16. title unknown

@ JB's, Kent OH 8-27-82
01. God Fearing Man
02. It's Not Right

@ JB's, Kent OH  4-9-81
01. title unknown
02. Nobody Loves Me
03. Russia Rocks

Slam zine interview c.1982
01. -interview-
02. -interview-
03. -interview-
04. -interview-
05. -interview-
06. -interview-
07. -interview-


  1. Thanks ........never heard of them

    Liked them very much

  2. Yes, I fear most people have never heard of them. Shame because both singles are great. I think they sound like a combination of the Pagans and the Clash.

  3. My brother, Steve, was the drummer at the time. I did the artwork for "God Fearin' Man" single. A lot of people still ask about the band.

  4. The F Models were great!! I saw them once at JBs in Kent in July 1982. I'd never heard of them before and was blown away. You should tell them to get a proper CD of their stuff released.

  5. I remember them well. I hung out with Bill. Iggy died a long long time ago.