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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lurkers - 100 Club, London 9-14-82

Here's a very good soundboard recording of The Lurkers from their first comeback period with Marc Fincham on vocals and playing mostly songs that were new at the time. There are two songs here that I don't think have ever been officially released.

01. I'm On Heat
02. This Dirty Town
03. The Rain
04. Our House
05. Freak Show
06. Wolf At The Door
07. Drag You Out
08. Ain't Got A Clue
09. Heroin (It's All Over)
10. Pills
11. Shadow
12. I'm On Heat


  1. It is a pretty darn good recording.

    I've never really listened to their later stuff, but I find myself thinking "Shane MacGowan" when I hear this Marc Fincham stuff.


  2. Our House and In The Rain being the two...nice! Downloading it right now!