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Friday, February 24, 2012

Damned - Royal College of Art, London 10-19-78

They played this show as The Doomed. Teenage Dream and Second Time Around are introduced as White Cats songs and Anti-pope is introduced as another King song. Apparently Mick Rossi from Slaughter & The Dogs made a guest appearance but that performance doesn't seem to be on this tape. This show sounds like it is a soundboard recording. I stripped away a lot of tape hiss but some still remains. It's a good listen.

info here:

01. Teenage Dream
02. Second Time Around
03. Problem Child
04. Burglar
05. Ballroom Blitz [Sweet]
06. Looking at You [MC5]
07. Help [Beatles]
08. Stab Your Back
09. Antipope
10. New Rose
11. Jet Boy Jet Girl [Elton Motello]
12. Stretcher Case
13. Neat Neat Neat

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