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Monday, December 5, 2011

Blyth Power - A Little Touch Of Harry In The Night + booklet (1984)

In 1985 a friend of mine went to London for a few months. When he returned he brought this tape, that he bought at a gig, with him. For a long time after this was one of our favorites. The tape got lost over the years but I still have the booklet that came with it. I think this was released on CD not too long ago but I don't know if the booklet was included in the CD. I've scanned the booklet into a pdf.

track list:
01. Coriolanus
02. Smoke From Cromwell's Time
03. Chevy Chase
04. In The Ffucke-Mastique Room
05. Goodbye General To Lose
06. Under The Sea Wind
07. The Rookery
08. Probably Won't Be Easy
09. Hurling Time
10. God Has Gone Wrong Again
11. My Lady's Fortress Europe
12. Emmanuel
13. Some Of Shelly's Hang-Ups

1 comment:

  1. The brilliant " a little touch.." demo has recently been released on 12" vinyl by the truly wonderful Demo Tapes label from London ..

    Its official and the packaging is obviously a labour of love.. - I strongly advise you to get a copy while they are still around !
    Killer stuff all round.. and thanks to you for this totally killer blog..