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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Task complete!

Since January of this year I have been digitizing my personal cassette tape collection of live shows and demo tapes. Yesterday I posted the last one I had to do to complete the task. I started this blog on September 13, 2010 and have made 633 posts. Yesterday I also posted demo tapes and live recordings by bands from my home town and that is the last of everything I have left to post.

I would like to thank everyone who left comments as well as those who got in touch!!

That could be the end of it but I've organized a few trades to get some new stuff. Over the next few weeks I'll be getting these Washington D.C. bands shows and demos:

Artificial Peace - 9/21/81 Wilson Center, DC
Embrace - 9/20/85 9:30 Club, DC
Faith - 12/3/81 9:30 Club, DC (first show)
Faith - 7/20/83 Space II Arcade, DC
Gray Matter - 8/21/84 King Kong's, Adelphi, MD
Gray Matter - 8/21/89 DC Space, DC
Ignition - 10/30/87 Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium
Ignition - 11/6/87 Rome, Italy
Ignition - 2/18/88 Club Pizazz, Philadelphia, PA
Iron Cross - 10/3/82 9:30 Club, DC
Minor Threat - Dischord House Rehearsal
Minor Threat - 4/29/82 9:30 Club, DC
Minor Threat - Live in Southern California
Minor Threat - 9/23/83 Lansburgh Center, DC (last show)
One Last Wish - Live (probably in Michigan)
Rites of Spring - 10/25/85 Chevy Chase Community Center, MD
Scream - 6/25/82 Wilson Center, DC
Shudder to Think - 12 song demo of early songs
Shudder to Think - 11/8/89 DC Space
Soulside - 9/18/87 Jackie Robinson YMCA, San Diego, CA
Soulside - 11/29/87 Bethesda Community Center, Maryland
Soulside - Live late '88
SOA - '81 9:30 Club, DC
Swiz - 11/29/87 Bethesda Community Center, Maryland
Swiz - 8/14/88 WFMU Radio
Verbal Assault - '86 KDVS Radio, Davis, CA
Verbal Assault - The Masses Demo

I've also got these shows arriving from a trader in Germany:
Adrenalin O.D. "Live On WMFU Radio, May 15th, 1986"
CIRCLE JERKS "T-Bird Rollerdome, Pico Riviera, CA, March 4th, 1983
Crucifucks: 1984-10-25 - Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA
DEAD BOYS "CBGB, New York City, NY, May 4th, 1977
DEAD BOYS: 1978-05-06 - CBGB, New York City, NY [Dead Dolls show, benefit, vlg aud]
DEAD BOYS "CBGB, New York City, NY, May 7th, 1978
DEAD BOYS "CBGB, New York City, NY, August 14th, 1978 [2 sets]
DICKS "Cathay De Grande, Hollywood, CA, December 10th, 1983"
THEATRE OF HATE "Gaskins, Middlesborough, October 21st, 1981"
T.S.O.L. "Whisky-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA, July 4th, 1981"
T.S.O.L. "The Fab Mab, San Francisco, CA, October 26th, 1981"
T.S.O.L. "City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, November 6th, 1981 OR Eastside Club, Philadelphia, PA, November 9th, 1981"
T.S.O.L. "City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, November 7th, 1981"
T.S.O.L. "Whisky A-Go-Go, Hollywood, CA, July 4th, 1982"
T.S.O.L. "Roller Dome, Pico Rivera, CA, November 20th, 1982"
Vibrators: 1984-09-17 - Ultrahuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Vibrators: 1984-12-12 - West Side Club, Lyon, France
Vibrators: 2009-01-16 - Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany [master]
Vibrators: 2009-01-20 - Arena (Kleine Halle), Vienna, Austria [master]


  1. Hey there,
    I have a load of cassettes and I was wondering if ya could tell me how to digitize them, make them MP3s, or whatever. I've tried a few different things, bought a tape player (USB) on EBay that didnt work, tried this and that, and im pretty frustrated with it. But I have about a 100/150 cassettes that I wanna put on my blog. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have Garage Band (but not ProTools).
    Also, congrats on the 633 posts! Ya have done a hell of a job sharing obscure toons with those ho dont have that stuff!!! I hope that more is coming!
    Thanks and cheers,
    Sean NoBeastSoFierce

  2. You've done a fine job bat over these last couple of years. Respect! I'd love to hear those Vibrators ones. (Hint, Hint) All the best.

  3. excellent work,thanks you.
    the punknotprofit commune

  4. thx, bat 29
    looking forward to it


  5. Yes great work indeed Bat. Well done and thank you.

    PS I'm with Nuzz on those Vibrators tapes!

  6. Top blog had some good stuff off you in the past year or so looking forward to the faith/scream/dead boys stuff you will be posting Thanks Agin-Podcarlisle

  7. Thanks for everything, hopefully we'll see some of these trades one day in the future.

  8. You have a great site here. Looking forward to the DC bands. I have other DC bands from that era if you would like to do a couple more trades.

  9. That list looks really good!!! My hat´s off to you!!!

    Cheers, Mikel

  10. Hats off to the work you've done so far. You really deserve some kind of archival award for all of this. If there's a means to keep it up, by all means do so.

  11. Nice blog. Would definitely be up for the Shudder demos when you receive them. Check out my blog sometime if you get the notion:


  12. thank you SO MUCH for your effort!

  13. Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for the incredible posts over the last year or so, I've been reading/downloading your posts almost since the beginning and have been exposed to some incredible moments in punk rock history as a result.

    I used to do a lot of trading, and would be interested in sending you some shows to post, or maybe trading a bit if you want. My old list (I still have ~80% of this) is at and I'm in the process of compiling a new one. Feel free to shoot me a message on my Youtube account if you wanna chat. Thanks again!