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Friday, November 18, 2011

Benton & The Bentonites - Demos + Live 1985/1986

 Benton & The Bentonites were from the swank metropolis of Oley Pennsylvania and were one of the early bands in that area playing music that was in some way influenced by Punk. They always described themselves a quirky pop and were equally influence by the Clash, REM, Elvis Costello and Ramones. They started in 1981or 1982 and played in one form or another into the mid-1990s. They released two albums in 1987 and 1989 and a CD in 1992. The demo here is some of their early recordings. Sound quality is very good. At the live show they were the opening band for Pleased Youth and Adrenalin OD. They wrote some classic songs and their cover of the Gumby Theme songs has to be heard. And, their Punk louge cover of Smoke On The Water on the live show is priceless. The live show was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is good.

Some info here:

Demos 1985 [from cassette tape]
01. Jet Airliner [Steve Miller]
02. Last Year
03. Ban The Klan
04. Gumby Theme
05. Gotta Blame Somebody
06. Too Many On Dope
07. Livin' in a Hick Town
08. Boy Scout Dropout
09. T.V. Addict
10. Shame's Crossing
11. After The Funeral
12. Tragic Assumption
13. Career Opportunities [Clash]

@ VFW, Red Hill PA 1-18-86 [from cassette tape]
 01. Annette To Catch The Wind
02. To Donna
03. Jet Airliner [Steve Miller]
04. Believe It
05. Shane's Crossing
06. Too Many On Dope
07. Gotta Blame Somebody
08. Mentality
09. Ban The Klan
10. After The Funeral
11. Swimming Grounds
12. She's On Drugs
13. Gumby Theme
14. Jesus Walking On The Water [Violent Femmes]
15. He's In The Army
16. Smoke On The Water [Deep Purple]
17. Statue
18. Cheerleading Queen
19. Livin' In A Hicktown
20. Blister In The Sun
21. Punk Rocker

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  1. THE BENTONITES also released a 4th album in 1997 - "Someone Must Stop This Senseless Abuse". Check out