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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

V.A. Pass The Elixer (1987)

Like a lot of people in the 1980s me and some of my friends made a fanzine. From 1985 until 1987 we printed 10 issues. For issue 9 we made a compilation tape with 90 minutes of solid Punk. Back then, because of different influences and ideas there was a diversity of sounds. And while all these bands are rooted in Punk none of them sound the same. We made our band choices to emphasize that diversity. The most well known band here is Disorder and the most obscure is P.K.G. from Torrence California who only recorded one 5-song demo before exiting. Each band has a full page in the zine. Sound quality is very good. Most of these bands have pages here:

If anyone wants to have a tape copy of this compilation for postage costs I still some original covers and booklets that were printed in 1987 and I have vintage 1980s cassettes. Send an email to me.

part 1:
01. intro
02. Follow Fashion Monkeys - What About Tomorrow
03. Follow Fashion Monkeys - No Direction
04. Follow Fashion Monkeys - Rock 'n' Roll Singer [ACDC]
05. Barn Av Regnbuen - Penga, Profitt Og Kapital
06. Barn Av Regnbuen - Folk Uten Framtid
07. Napred U Proslost - Ne Veruj Mršavom Slonu I Brzom Pužu
08. Napred U Proslost - Nekrštena Pesma
09. Napred U Proslost - Bajonet
10. More Fiends - Wild West Philly
11. More Fiends - Vinyl Grind
12. More Fiends - Mad At Everyone
13. Disorder - Remembrance Day
14. Disorder - Love And Flowers
15. Disorder - Maternal Obsession
16. Disorder - Life
17. Patareni - Obrij Me Majko Motornom Pilom
18. Patareni - Dio Mase
19. Patareni - Johnny Be Fuzz

part 2:
01. Quod Massacre - Nasa kri
02. Quod Massacre - Zvecer
03. Quod Massacre - Vasa generacija
04. Anthrophobia - Surface Noise
05. Anthrophobia - Flashbacks
06. Anthrophobia - Good Ideas
07. Misanthropic Charity - Intro_Lust
08. Misanthropic Charity - Montebello
09. Misanthropic Charity - But Life Changed You
10. P.K.G. - Summer Poison
11. P.K.G. - Cracks
12. P.K.G. - All She Wrote
13. Benton & The Bentonites - The Chop
14. Benton & The Bentonites - Knightmare
15. Benton & The Bentonites - Dean Took A Header
16. President Fetch - Blasphemy
17. President Fetch - What's The Matter Cowardy
18. President Fetch - Pregnant Skeleton
19. President Fetch - Bestial
20. Outro


  1. Great comp. You still surprise with new things on the nett all the time. This is the best blog! Many thanx.

  2. Thanks NXP! This comp doesn't seem to have turned up in internet land. We got rid of plenty of copies back in the day in all the represented countries.

  3. So good! It's always great to hear cassette comps like this -- they were the best thing about HC/Punk in the 80's, IMHO. You guys did a great job with this one. The Bentonites tracks are amazing!

  4. please reupload!!! its a classic!!!!