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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adam & The Antz - part 5: Live 1979

The Retford show is an audience recording and the sound quality is good. This show I got in a CD-R trade 10 years ago as one track and I've edited it myself.  The two songs from the Swansea show were broadcast on BBC Wales television so were recorded from the television. Sound quality is good.

Some info here:
Ants info here:

@ Porterhouse, Retford 7-13-79
01. Cartrouble (1+2)
02. Animals & Men
03. Nine Plan Failed
04. The Day I Met God
05. Family Of Noise
06. Cleopatra
07. Never Trust A Man
08. Kicks
09. Digital Tenderness
10. Tabletalk
11. Catholic Day
12. The Idea
13. Zerox
14. (You're So) Physical
15. Press Darlings
16. Fall-In
17. Lady

@ Circles, Swansea 7-30-79[BBC Wales]
01. Family Of Noise
02. Zerox


  1. Thank you very much for the Porterhouse gig. I have been hunting for this for a while now, so well happy.

  2. ditto for high wycombe, thanks

  3. the two songs attributed to swansea were recorded for BBC wales tv programme, Twndish. (a day or two after the swansea show in probably Cardiff or newport studio) The video for them should be out there... somewhere

  4. Anonymous, the info for the BBC Wales tv programme on the cartrouble website says the show was from the Swansea gig. So, I went with that.

  5. Most likely recorded at BBC studios in Llandaf, Cardiff......I remember some mates going to one to make up an audience for the Damned around the same time.Dont recall ever seeing the Ants footage being broadcast.....unfortunately!!


    According to the songkick gigography the Ants played at Swansea on July 30 1979.

  7. @ SilurianPunk. Yes, the Damned/YMG "Something Else" show was recorded October 1980 and broadcast the following month. I was there for that. I'm 99.9% certain that the Antz "Twndish" appearance was also recorded up at the Llandaf studio the year before. The baffling thing is even now I've not met anyone who's actually seen the programme. It's almost like it doesn't exist - but it obviously does! Did every Punk that I ever knew in South Wales fail to turn the tv on? I did read somewhere that the BBC no longer have the tapes in their archive which sadly comes as no surprise.

  8. The show (Twndish) did get screened and was filmed in Llandaff studios, Cardiff.... In Black & White, or maybe we just had a B&W tele at the time! Saw it and recorded it on a cassette the best copies of which are knocking around added to a live tape from Newport Stowaway.... Have searched for a copy of the video for years