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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Radio Stars - Radio Session 1977/1978

Before forming Radio Stars, a couple members had careers in music dating back to the late 1960s with John's Children who released one album in 1970. In 1975 three members were in a Glam band called Jet who released one album in 1975.some members were also in the bands Sparks and Jook. In 1977 they became Radio Stars. All these sessions have very good sound quality. These sessions were donated by Andrew.

Info here:
Jook info here:

John Peel Session 5-17-77
01. No Russians In Russia
02. Dear Prudence
03. Dirty Pictures
04. Horrible Breath

John Peel Session 11-07-77
01. Is It Really Necessary?
02. Don't Waste My Time
03. The Beast Of Barnsley
04. Good Personality

Capital Radio Session 5-78
01. From a Rabbit
02. The Beast Of Barnsley
03. Dirty Pictures

John Peel Session 9-04-78
01. Sitting In The Rain
02. Radio Stars
03. Sex In Chains
04. Boy Meets Girl


  1. Never heard the Capital session before. Thanks Brett & Andrew


  2. amazing find many thanks for the uploads this is my find of the year

  3. Thanks both of you for these sessions,i love Radio Stars,a little band capable sometimes of write really great songs...cheers

  4. Lost these early peel sessions years ago, was only thinking about them the other day

    Are you reading my mind?

    You'll be posting some Boys Wonder stuff next...


    H. Moonbeam

  5. Only had the good fortune to see these live a couple of times - great band though - thanks for sharing!


  6. Radio Stars were my guilty pleasure - saw them several times (including support to Eddie & the Hot Rods on the Life on the Line Tour)... great band and thanks for the posts!