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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buzzcocks/Stranglers - Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ 1980/1981

Emerald City was a club in the Philadelphia suburb of Cherry Hill New Jersey. The club had many types of bands play there including Punk, Post-Punk and New Wave bands. Both of these shows are radio broadcasts and sound quality is very good, although the Buzzcocks show has a little tape hiss on it.

Buzzcocks show review ere:
Emerald City info here:

Buzzcocks - Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ 11-22-80
01. Why She's The Girl From The Chain Store
02. What Do I Get
03. Fast Cars
04. Fiction Romance
05. Harmony In My Head
06. Everybody's Happy Nowadays
07. Lipstick
08. Ever Fallen In Love
09. Airwaves Dream
10. Strange Thing
11. Noise Annoys
12. What Do You Know
13. I Believe
14. Times Up
15. Oh Shit
16. Boredom

Stranglers - Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ 4-11-81
01. Waltzinblack
02. Threatened
03. The Raven
04. Toiler on the Sea
05. Just Like Nothing On Earth + Thrown Away
06. Who Wants the World
07. Second Coming
08. Meninblack
09. Shah Shah A Go Go
10. Hallow To Our Men
11. Tank
12. Nuclear Device
13. Genetix


  1. This blog is great! I just downloaded about 15 things! I take it you are from Philly, as you have Sadistic Exploits, Ruin, Autistic Behavior, etc. I played in a band with the bass player of AB. If that's the case, I've probably been to a lot to the same shows as you.

  2. Erwin, I am from Philly. What is the band with the AB bass player?

  3. The Mezmerons. We played JC Dobbs, the Barbary, Bachannal and City Gardens

  4. I don't know Mezmerons. Have you got tapes?

  5. Very crude tapes, yes. We do have a Myspace page setup a while back. There's some tunes also from my first band, Dry Heave.

  6. Erwin, I've had a listen. All the songs sound really good. Plot Twist is a favorite. I didn't live in Philly from 1988 to 1990 so maybe that is why I missed the band.

    Mezmerons Myspace here.