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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marginal Man/Last Cry - West Catty Playground, Catasaque PA 4-12-86

This is one of the few shows I taped myself. It's recorded from the audience and the sound quality is good. Can anyone help with Marginal Man song titles?

Last Cry - West Catty Playground, Catasaque PA 4-12-86 [from cassette tape]
01. Instrumental
02. Friends You'll Never Know
03. TV Evangelist
04. So Much More
05. Last Cry
06. title unknown
07. Catholic School
08. Life Or Fate
09. The Monster In My Head
10. Make Me Shine
11. Take Off Your Clothes
12. title unknown

Marginal Man - West Catty, Catasaque PA 4-12-86 [from cassette tape]
01. Linger in the Past
02. Strange Feeling
03. Mainstream (with alternate intro)
04. Turn the Tables (power outage version)
05. Turn the Tables
06. Torn Apart
07. Metal Madness
08. Under a Shadow
09. Marginal Man
10. Mind on Hold
11. Shades of Reason
12. Someone Cares
13. What Did She Say?
14. Friend
15. Pandora’s Box
16. Missing Rungs
17. Mainstream (instrumental)


  1. NA,
    Marginal Man...what a great post. I've done my best to get this track listing as accurate as possible - it's the least I can do after all your AMAZING posts. There are two songs that appear twice "Turn the Tables" (tracks 4 & 5), but they're somehow different. I can't figure out why. The others two are tracks 3 & 17. They're both Mainstream, although track 3 has a different intro, and track 17 seems to be an instrumental version.

    Thanks again!

    - Rusty

    DISCLAIMER...track list accuracy is not guaranteed!

    Track 1 Linger in the Past
    Track 2 Strange Feeling
    Track 3 Mainstream (with alternate intro)
    Track 4 Turn the Tables
    Track 5 Turn the Tables
    Track 6 Torn Apart
    Track 7 Metal Madness
    Track 8 Under a Shadow
    Track 9 Marginal Man
    Track 10 Mind on Hold
    Track 11 Shades of Reason
    Track 12 Someone Cares
    Track 13 What Did She Say?
    Track 14 Friend
    Track 15 Pandora’s Box
    Track 16 Missing Rungs
    Track 17 Mainstream (instrumental)

  2. Thanks Rusty, for all the song titles!

  3. I have the Original Flyer I made 4 this show! want to get T-shirts made from all the flyers

  4. I would like to have a copy of this tape. I played guitar for Last Cry and never heard how we did at this show.My address is P. O. Box 5346 Bethlehem, Pa. 18015