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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Loop - Live 1988/1989/1990

Loop were from London and existed from 1986 to 1991. They released three albums and several single before splitting up. The Astoria show is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good. The Reading and Hoboken shows were recorded from the audience and the sound quality on both is good.

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@ Astoria, London 12-03-88
01. Straight to Your Heart
02. Collision
03. Pulse
04. Fade Out
05. Fever Knife/Black Sun
06. Mother Sky/Thief of Fire
07. This is Where You End/Breathe Into Me

@ Reading Festival, Reading, England 8-27-89
01. Vapour
02. Breathe Into Me
03. Fever Knife
04. The Nail Will Burn
05. Pulse
06. Collision Time
07. Burning World

@ Maxwells Hoboken NJ 4-26-90 [from cassette tape]
01. Sunburn [power failure version]
02. Sunburn
03. Vapour
04. Afterglow
05. Fade Out
06. Straight To Your Heart
07. Breathe Into Me
08. Arc Light
09. The Nail Will Burn

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  1. You are a fucking beautiful man!..thanks for this..i was panning for gold on filetram - usualy truffling up sparkly nothingz..then blamo!..Looperized!...had to call over and pass on much respect...Mr crowe