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Sunday, June 5, 2011

External Menace - 1980/1984

From Scotland. The demo has a lot of tape hiss but is otherwise good sound quality. The live show is an audience recording and has good sound quality. There's a few songs here that never got released.

Some info here:

Demo 1980
01. Coalition Blues
02. Wanna Get Stoned
03. Shoot To Kill
04. Rude Awaking
05. On A Mission
06. Ban The Bomb
07. Are We Getting Thru
08. Political Poverty
09. Get Out Of My Way
10. Escape From Hell

@ Coatbridge Scotland 11-01-84
01. Coalition Blues
02. Wanna Get Stoned
03. On A Mission
04. Killing Me Asylum
05. Awayday
06. Escape From Hell
07. To The Death
08. Rude Awakening


  1. why isn't this a compressed zipfolder unbale to open this ive tried adding .rar and .zip after it has finnished still unable to open this

  2. Jerry, I don't know why you are having problems. I zipped it with winrar and I've just checked and it is working fine for me. Plus over 100 people have downloaded it already. No one else is complaining about it so I suspect the problem is somehow on your end.

  3. well thats true that i'm not the only one who has having problems i know a few othere people who having problems as well like my friend from slaughter of innocents whos comments you deleted i have two othere friends who having problems with it as well

  4. Jerry, I have just downloaded these External Menace recordings and am listening to them as I type this. I do not know why your are having problems but my links are working fine. And, over 100 people have already downloaded these postings from the links I have provided. If you can't download them I don't know what the problem is and I can't do anything for you. All my posts are zipped using winrar and no one else is complaining of having problems downloading them.

  5. it was my copy of winrar had an error in it redownloaded it worked

  6. Okay, good! Problem solved. Happy downloading!