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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Koel Family/Gargoyles - 1986-1992

The Koel Family were a 60s style garage band from San Francisco who recorded two demo tapes in the mid-1980s. Metal Mike from Angry Samoans was somehow associated with this band but I'm not sure if he plays on these tapes. In 1989 they changed their name to The Gargoyles and over 6-7 years released two CDs and several records. Their first CD was produced by another former member of Angry Samoans, Jeff Dahl. In 1991 several members of the band left and played for a while on Metal Mike's early 1990s records which are similar in style to the Koel Family. Sound quality is very good on everything.

Koel Family info here:
Koel Family video here:
Gargoyles info here:
Gargoyles video here:
Lisa Lombardo info here:
Lisa Lombardo video here:

Koel Family - Village Of The Darned demo 2-86 [from cassette tape]
01. Steve Carey
02. Davenport Iowa
03. The Floriduh Song
04. Watermelon Pig
05. Lincoln Logs
06. Waiting For Martha
07. Heartbeat [Partridge Family]
08. EKU-28
09. It's Another Kind Of Pork Song
10. IKS
11. Todd On My Head
12. Blood Feast On The Beach
13. I'm Geddy Lee
14. Take It Like A Man
15. Good Morning Mr. Makepeace
16. The Bridgette Song
17. The Neat Song That Rhymes
18. Pigs Too
19. Insurance Man
20. Big Dumb Clog

Koel Family - I'm Telling Mom demo 1987 [from cassette tape]
01. St. Katherines Ghost
02. If It's Not Dio...
03. I'm In My Room
04. Strange Little World
05. The 29th Voyage Of The Snail
06. I Like You Better
07. Learning Process
08. Stab, Stab, Stab
09. We've Got Planets
10. I Wanna Go To The Beach
11. title unknown
12. Light In The Attic
13. Florence
14. Love Butcher
15. Fools In A Pigs Eye
16. Chairman Of The Board
17. The Big City Park
18. My Friend The Bear
19. title unknown
20. title unknown
21. title unknown

Gargoyles - 1st ep (1989) [from vinyl]
01. Devil Devil
02. Coke Whore
03. Fistful Of Sand
04. Kill City [Iggy Pop]

Gargoyles - Rare Tracks CD6
01. Making Enemies
02. 180 Degrees
03. Decline
04. St. Katherine's Ghost [Koel Family]
05. In My World
06. I Don't Smoke
07. World Revolves Around You
08. 5 Million Years To Earth
09. It's Not Unusual [Tom Jones]
10. On Day Left To Live
11. Soundtrack

Lisa Lombardo - Single (1992) [from vinyl]
01. Bridgette
02. Cold Night For Alligators [Roky Erickson]


  1. Not sure but I think I played drums on that Lisa Lombardo record.

  2. Wow.
    I have been looking for mp3s of the Koel Family for a long time. I used to see them all the time in SF. What a fun band. Any chance that the tapes
    Village Of The Darned
    I'm Telling Mom demo
    mp3 files could be sent to me or posted in dropbox?

    I would really appreciate it. So would many of my friends who I will share it with.

    Thanks and have a great New Year of 2018

  3. Wow; So cool posting these bands.

    I have been looking for the Koel Family tapes on mp3 for a very long time.

    I used to see them play often in SF back in the mid 80's. Is there any way to get copies of the files for
    Village Of The Darned
    I'm Telling Mom.

    I would really appreciate it. So would many of my friends who I would share these with.

    Thanks in advance.

    Have a great 2018.


    1. Hey Craig, you can get the the entire KF catalog, with unreleased (rough mix) LP demos, free. Just email with your request.

  4. A couple of notes:
    Metal Mike played drums on 'Village Of The Darned', he was replaced (at his suggestion) by Steve Cirelli after that.
    These releases were not demos but cassette only albums.
    There was a third album called 'Don't Put It In Your Mouth' released in 1988.

  5. There are hidden, KF tracks (remixed in 1995 by Neil Smith) on the Tim Storm 'Street Empathy' comp. Plus demos of Metal Mike songs recorded by The Whyos (with Tim Storm & Brain Tyranny).