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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dead Kennedys - 1978/1979

Here's some Dead Kennedys from the early days. Jello, Ray and Klaus with Ted on drums and on the demo 6025 plays guitar as well. The live shows are soundboard recordings and the quality on everything is very good.

Demo 1978 [from cassette tape]
01. Insight
02. Forward To Death
03. California Uber Alles
04. Your Emotions
05. Kill The Poor
06. Holiday In Cambodia
07. Kidnap
08. Man With The Dogs
09. I Kill Children
10. Dreadlocks In The Suburbs
11. Rawhide
12. Mutations of Today
13. Cold Fish
14. Forward To Death
15. Viva Las Vegas

@ Old Waldorf, San Francisco 10-25-79
01. Police Truck
02. Holiday In Cambodia
03. Chemical Warfare
04. Ill In The Head
05. Short Songs
06. California Uber Alles
07. Kill The Poor
08. Funland At The Beach
09. Back In Rhodesia
10. Dreadlocks In The Suburbs

@ Earth Tavern, Portland 11-19-79 [from cassette tape]
01. Forward To Death
02. Back In Rhodesia
03. Funland At The Beach
04. Dreadlocks In The Suburbs
05. Drug Me
06. Kill The Poor
07. Insight
08. Police Truck
09. Man With The Dogs
10. California Uber Alles
11. Holiday In Cambodia
12. Chemical Warfare
13. Night Of The Living Rednecks
14. Rawhide
15. I Kill Children


  1. These are gonna be sweet. Thanks Dude.

  2. Many thanx for the demo and everything else on this blog. You are the greatest :-)

  3. WOW, and I thought I had heard all the DK's live stuff. Another AMAZING post, NA. Thanks for all the hard work!

    - Rusty

  4. Thanking ye kindly for another treat...!