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Monday, April 25, 2011

Castration Squad - San Francisco 12-80

This band were from Los angeles and featured members who been involved in the Los angeles scene since the beginning. The line up is: Shannon Wilhelm - vocals, Mary Bat-Thing - vocals (pre-45 Grave), Tiffany Kennedy - keyboard , Tracy Lea - guitar (pre-Red Cross), Alice Armendariz - bass (ex-Bags), Elissa Bello - drums (ex-Go Go's). They never released any records and weren't around for very long. But this live show and a couple videos exist to prove the band once existed. This is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good.

web page here:
video here:
and here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. We Are Your God
02. Ex-Girlfriend
03. Date With Jack
04. No Mercy For The Dead
05. Blind
06. Sheila
07. Cruella Deville
08. Bat Thing


  1. It's actually a radio recording because I have a copy of the exact same show with the same quality except high-pitched by a semitone, but the label says it was broadcasted on the KPFK radio show.

  2. Can someone reupload this or any other Castration Squad show please ? I've found three different shows over the Internet but all the links are down. I'm really eager to listen them.

  3. The show can now be found here :