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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lurkers - London 1979

Here is only part of a Lurkers show I have on the end of a tape. I don't know the venue or the exact date. Anyone know and have the complete show? This one was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is very raw but not many Lurkers live recordings from the 1970s out there.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. I'm On Heat
02. Time Of Year
03. Love Story
04. Self Destruct
05. Hey You


  1. This will be a heck of a job to find out the exact show, but the hint is I've looked up the Lurkers gigography and have found 6 live shows of them playing in London in 1979, they are:

    1.21.79 - Electric Ballroom
    4.16.79 - Windsor Castle Pub
    11.7.79 - Marquee Club - Wardour Street
    11.21.79 - Marquee Club - Wardour Street
    11.28.79 - Marquee Club - Wardour Street
    12.31.79 - Music Machine

    I'm not sure if it's as much of a hint, but this is the best help I can find for you.

  2. Thanks for your effort in trying to figure it out. I think this might be one of those Marquee shows.

  3. No problem, so for now, I guess we can say this is the Marquee - November 1979.