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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reaction - Alternate Mixes 1978 + Talk Talk @ BBC In Concert 4-10-82

In 1978 The Reaction released one single on Island Records and had one song on the Beggars Banquet label's Streets compilation LP. Not too long after the release of the single the band split up. In 1981 the singer/guitarist started a new band named talk Talk. Here are some alternate mixes for the three songs the Reaction released and a live In Concert show by Talk Talk. Quality is good all around.

Reaction - Alternate Mixes 1978: [from cassette tape]
01.  I Can't Resist
02.  Talk Talk
03.  I Can't Resist
04.  I Can't Resist
05.  I Am A Case
06.  Talk Talk
07.  I Can't Resist

Talk Talk @ BBC In Concert 4-10-82
01. Talk Talk
02. Another World
03. Have You Heard The News
04. My Foolish Friend
05. Hate
06. The Party's Over
07. Today

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