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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peter Dayton Band - WBCN, Boston 1980

Most of you will know who La Peste are. Between 1977 and 1979 they were one of the top Punk bands in Boston and released one classic single. In 1979 their singer/guitarist Peter Dayton left the band to pursue a solo career. With that move came a change in musical style to a more New Wave/Pop sound. In 1981 he released his only solo record - a four song 12" ep produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars - and had two song on the Sharp Cuts compilation LP. Here's a live radio broadcast from 1980. It's interesting to see that he plays one La Peste song - Hold On To Love - in the set. The sound quality is great.

some info here:

01. Here Comes The Music
02. The Road
03. Hold On To Love
04. Stuck on the Same Refrain
05. Girl Watcher
06. Close Encounter
07. -interview-
08. Girl with the Blue Eyes
09. Perfect Wave


  1. Hi mate I saw on your wants list that you were after 999 Capital Radio Session 10-25-78. I have a session by 999 from Capital Radio in '78 although mines listed as being February or March. Also have a couple of live tracks from the Hope & Anchor '77.


    Marky Dread.

  2. Just noticed further down your blog you were looking for Peel sessions by the Radio Stars.
    I have 2 sessions from '77 1 from '78 and a Capital Radio session from '78. Also 2 BBC In Concert shows from '77 and '78.

    If you want them I will upload them for you.

    Marky Dread.

  3. Hi Marky, thanks for the link to the 999 session and YES I would love to have all the Radio Stars stuff you mention. Thanks for offering to upload it!!

  4. BBC Peel Sessions

    Capital Radio Session

    BBC In Concert '77

    BBC In Concert '78

    Cheers Marky.

  5. Thanks, Marky!! Can't wait to hear these!