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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sham 69 - Live shows 1979 + 1980

In 1979, after much visa problems, Sham 69 finally played two shows in the USA, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles.  Here is the New York show as recorded from the audience by the legendary Donnie The Punk. It's rough on quality and the right channel drops out half way through but it sounds like it was a great gig and well anticipated. The Stockholm show is from a Swedish Radio broadcast that was recorded not too long before the split up and is great quality.

Sham interview here:

@ Hurrahs, NYC 12-05-79 [from cassette tape]
01. What Have We Got
02. Voices
03. Tell Us The Truth
04. Money
05. Angels With Dirty Faces
06. Joey's On The Street Again
07. Give A Dog A Bone
08. Borstal Breakout
09. You're A Better Man Than I
10. Questions & Answers
11. That's Life
12. Hersham Boys
13. White Riot
14. If The Kids Are United
15. Borstal Breakout
16. If The Kids Are United

@ Radio 4, Stockholm 8-04-80 [from cassette tape]
01. Red London
02. Tell Us The Truth
03. Questions & Answers
04. Joey's On The Street Again
05. Borstal Breakout
06. Voices
07. Give A Dog A Bone
08. Hersham Boys
09. That's Life
10. You're a Better Man Than I
11. Money
12. Lost On Highway 46
13. Day Tripper
14. Poor Cow
15. White Riot
16. Angels With Dirty Faces
17. Stockholm Kids Are Innocent
18. They Don't Understand
19. If The Kids Are United


  1. Stockholm show sounds great......liked Sham very much those days

  2. Thanks...

    ... love Sham, still,
    the Stockholm show is great. Wish I where there...

    // restless_natives