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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sound - Tivoli, Utrecht Holland 1-20-83

The Sound were formed out of the ashes of the London Punk band The Outsiders in 1979. They survived as a part of the Post-Punk scene until 1988 recording 5 albums and numerous singles. Here's a live radio broadcast from Holland during one of their tours there. The quality is very good. From cassette.

info here:
and here:

01. -DJ Announcement-
02. Skeletons
03. Possession
04. Oiled
05. Monument
06. Hour Of Need
07. Who's Sorry Now
08. Where The Love Is
09. New Dark Age


  1. Very good job here. Thanks for sharing all this rare stuff! Check my punk/hardcore blog here -->


  2. Thanks Subculture! I've added your blog. Enjoy the rare stuff. Much, much more to come.