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Friday, November 18, 2011

Molly Be Damned - demo + interview 1995

Molly Be Damned were from Boyertown Pennsylvania and started life in the 1980s as a band called the Demented Foolz. In 1989 Demented Foolz stopped playing but in the early 1990s three of them got together with a new member and changed the name to Molly Be Damned. IN 1995 they recorded their firt demo and in 1996 they had several songs on compilation CDs but were never able to get their own record or CD released before splitting up. My favorite song here is I Fuck To Mozart which is one of the songs that was released on one of the commp CDs. Unfortunately, here it is the censored radio version. Sound quality is excellent.

video here:
and here:

Demo 1995 [from cassette tape]
01. Joe Lunchpail
02. What's The Sense
03. She Likes Crack
04. Demented Fool
05. Piss Off
06. Warpath
07. Chop

@ WXAC, Reading PA 11-03-95 [from cassette tape]
08. If You Were My Friend
09. -interview segment-
10. (I Fuck To) Mozart (censored)
11. -interview segment-
12. Warpath
13. Joe Lunchpail
14. -interview segment-
15. Demented Foolz - Bustin Out
16. -interview segment-
17. She Likes Crack (censored)
18. -interview segment-
19. Demented Foolz
20. Piss Off
21. -interview segment-
22. Warpath
23. Chop
24. -interview segment-

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