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Friday, November 18, 2011

Demented Foolz - demos + Live 1986-1989

Demented Foolz were from Boyertown Pennsylvania and existed from 1985 until 1989. Their only official release was two songs on a compilation album of local bands that was released in 1985. Many of their songs were more metal than Punk but they did write a few classics that everyone needs to hear, most notably Electro-Lux. In the early 1990s three members got back together but changed the band name to Molly Be Damned and wrote new songs while playing a few of the old ones. Their bass player died a few years ago but is a legend of total excess in the local scene.

info here:

Demented Foolz - demos 1986-1989 [from cassette tape]
01. Demented Fool
02. I'm Broke
03. Used To Be Crazy
04. Rat-Tat-Tat
05. Night
06. Ronnie Gay Gun
07. I Hate You
08. Rip Cord Rip
09. Bloody Wedding
10. The 31st
11. The Cry
12. I Need A Beer
13. I Hate Answering Machines
14. It's Mine
15. Cold Bath
16. Bunji Beating
17. Circus Massacre
18. Electo-Lux
19. Children & Matches
20. Toad Boy
21. Beer Goggles
22. Princess of Power
23. She Likes Crack

Demented Foolz - New Telford Inn, Telford PA 1986 [from cassette tape]
 01. I Hate Answering Machines
02. It's Mine
03. Armadeddon
04. She Like Crack
05. Sensitive Guy
06. Helter Skelter
07. Princess Of Power
08. Death To The Hippies
09. Cold Bath
10. Killing Feeling
11. Warpath
12. Invisible Man
13. Paybacks From Jimmy
14. TV Heroes
15. Electro-lux
16. I'm Broke


  1. I seen them live in Boyertown at the Orioles club. I remember a number of the songs on your list Electrolux, she likes crack, I hate answering machines. those were great tunes. They were like a crossover band punk/metal. I still have a Molly be damned cassette . Would love to hear some Demented Foolz again. Sorry to hear Dion passed away.

  2. I found a couple cassettes at a thrift store a couple years ago! I'm lostening to them right now actually!