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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Controllers - The Scene Bar, Glendale CA 6-22-07

In 1978-1979 The Controllers released two singles and had 3 songs on a compilation for a total of 8 songs. Every song a masterpiece. Six of those songs are on this 2007 reunion show. Some of these songs were recorded for a CD by Kid Spike's Skull Control in the 1990s. Can't help but think this set would have even better with the inclusion of the songs Slow Boy, Another Day and Top Secret in place of White Trash Christ and Nuke Beach.

01. Neutron Bomb
02. Jezebel [Frankie Laine]
03. Your World
04. Hot Stumps
05. Suburban Suicide
06. White Trash Christ
07. Electric Church
08. She's Not In Love
09. Do The Uganda
10. Nuke Beach
11. Killer Queers
12. These Boots Were Made For Walking [Nancy Sinatra]

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