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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cortinas - Plymouth England 1977 + Peel Session 7-26-77

The Cortinas were the first Punk band from Bristol England starting in 1976. Over two years they released two classic Punk singles and one rather weak album that showed them taking a different direction. Until recently not many could no or imagine what their first album would have sounded like had they recorded all their Punk songs. But recently this live show surfaced to give us a taste of what could have been. The four songs from the singles are played plus two others they recorded for a Peel session and the other remain unreleased. Also included in this post is the Peel Session.

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Live at Plymouth 1977
01. Defiant Pose
02. Tired Of Compromise
03. They
04. We're Gonna Play In The Subway Today
05. Further Education
06. Fascist Dictator
07. Tokyo Joe
08. Gloria
09. Gonna Get Mary In The Bus Shelter
10. Have It With You
11. Television Families
12. Have It With You
13. Slow Down

John Peel Session 7-26-77
01. Defiant Pose
02. Television Families
03. Having It
04. Further Education


  1. Peel sessions are you already said in youre comment,,,,,their lp is weak.

    Thanks again

    Am i the only one responding to youre work ?

    jezus it's taking so much time to write something......

  2. Thanks. You are the only one who leaves comments.

  3. A million thanx for the Cortinas live set; I've got the LP and is a f...shit (at least for me).