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Sunday, August 28, 2011

D.U.I. - Snot Rock And The Dirty Dozen demo 1997

D.U.I. were from the quaint village of Pennsburg Pennsylvania and were around for about three years in the mid-1990s. They recorded three demos and had two songs on a local CD compilation. Sadly, they never made it past the county line. They sound like early 1980s hardcore with Kurt Cobain singing. Sound quality is very good.

Video here:
And here:
track list: [from cassette tape]
01. D.U.I. (The Theme Song)
02. 31
03. So What
04. Sheik Surfs Again
05. I'm Not A Jock
06. No Friends
07. Stabbed In The Back
08. Teenage Reject
09. Mind Control
10. Fuck The Poseurs

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