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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sector 27 - Waves, Chicago 1-30-81 (w/Tom Robinson)

Sector 27 is the band formed by Tom Robinson when his Tom Robinson Band split up in 1979. They released only one album before disappearing themselves. This show is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. One Fine Day
02. Bitterly Disappointed
03. Invitation/What Have We Got To Lose
04. Martin's Gone
05. Out In The Cold Again
06. Not Ready
07. Mary Lynne
08. Where Can We Go Tonight
09. Can't Keep Away
10. Total Recall
11. Looking At You


  1. Track 7 is an almost unrecognizable Mary Lynne. Man there is a ton of echo on his voice.

    I have a show from the BBC (I think) that I will try to track down. Tom posted a link to it on his email list at one point as being the only live show he had ever run into from Sector 27. Betcha he'd love this.

  2. Thanks EricC for that song title. I'd love to hear that BBC show if you find it. I've never seen any other live Sector 27 shows around but this one.

  3. Found the disc, I'll get it ripped and uploaded onto RS shortly. I don't have dates, but I'm working on that.


    6 songs at 320, all tags should be in place. I don't have a date or venue, but I'm working on it.