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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Samson's Army/Remains/Personal Regrets - Demos 1985

Here are demos by three bands that were from Las Vegas Nevada. I don't know if any of these were ever officially released and I haven't found a discography for any of the bands. The sound quality is raw but good.

FB page for Samson's Army:
Obit for S.A. singer:

Samson's Army - Demo 1985 [from cassette tape]
01. The Edge
02. Let It Rain
03. title unknown

Remains - Demo 1985 [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Trails

Personal Regrets - Demo 1985 [from cassette tape]
01. Not Treason
02. Personal Regrets
03. Two Faces
04. 1984
05. Arms Production
06. Dreams
07. It's Your Choice
08. Manbeast
09. Authority
10. Reflection


  1. checking these out too!

  2. Personal Regrets song titles and cover were provided by Devon who was the guitarist in Abeyance from Las Vegas.

  3. Hell yeah!!! I've loved The Remains song on the nuke your dink compilation. Thank you so much!!

  4. Do you have any other recordings from other bands on the nuke your dink compilation, The Expelled, No Deal, The Yobs

  5. Adrian, Everything I have from the State of Nevada has been posted. I might be able to get a copy of the Viva Las Vegas comp tape but that's all. I've never seen any tapes in circulation of Expelled, No Deal or Yobs.