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Saturday, January 1, 2011

V.A. Meet Cafe Tape Compilation (1983)

Like a lot of kids in the early 1980s, I was also in a band. That band was called Fatal Existence. The band only lasted from June 1983 to April 1984 and in that time we recorded one tape, which was released in September 1983, and played two shows. A few songs from our tape were used by the Vancouver Canada fanzine Meet Cafe on a comp. tape that they released at the end of 1983. Except for two U.S. bands all the bands are from Canada.

track list:
01. Fatal Existence - Oppressive Police
02. Fatal Existence - A Living Hell
03. Red Tide - Cruise Missle
04. Red Tide - Tomatarama
05. Red Tide - Reagan Sucks
06. Dead End - Sheep Don't Care
07. Dead End - World So Shit
08. Mere Mortals - Liquid Laugh
09. Mere Mortals - DO 2079
10. Bill Of Rights - Drunk Government
11. Immoral Minority - Practice What You Preach
12. Immoral Minority - Madagascar
13. Silent Minority - Jazz Drums
14. Silent Minority - What Is Freedom
15. Polkaholics - Zap The Universe
16. Hates - Also Watched
17. Hates - Punk 1301
18. Hates - No Talk
19. Fatal Existence - Alienated
20. Fatal Existence - Grand Ol' Flag
21. Mere Mortals - Death's Door
22. Mere Mortals - Normal
23. Immoral Minority - They're Cowards
24. Immoral Minority - Die Democratic


  1. cool, let's check your band!!

    hehe just found on slsk 2 recordings from it!!

  2. I was in Fatal Existence too. (sang and wrote the lyrics that Brett didn't write), good times. Brings back some really good memories.

  3. Alright Tim, that's some nice singing and great lyrics for Fatal Existence. Eventually I'll post the the whole FE demo.