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Sunday, January 2, 2011

V.A. Die Young Stay Pretty comp. tape (1984)

Here's another early 1980s hardcore compilation with bands from all over the world. My old band, Fatal Existence, also has two tracks on this one. I downloaded this off of soulseek a few years ago but before that I'd never heard of it. I don't know what country its from or who released it. Whoever did it never sent my band a copy. Does anyone have that information? It would be great to know. It is cool that we were included on it with all those other great bands. When my band released our tape we sent it to many people and 'zines all over the world.

track list:
01. Dead Virgins - Rape Capitol Hill
02. Vicious Circle - Public Minister
03. Rattus - Ei vihnaa, ei kateutta
04. Skjit-Lars - Ein skigard
05. Bloody Riot - C.I.S.
06. SWA - Anarki
07. Fatal Existence - Alienated
08. Perdition - I`m Laughing (At You)
09. Civil Dissident - The $ Buck Stops Here
10. Diet of Worms - Wild Thing (live)
11. Skjit-Lars - Æ vil spy på verden
12. Chronic Disorder - The Final Line
13. End Result - I Won`t
14. Bleah - Live at Hunstadsentret
15. Rattus - Viinaa suonissa, kusta päässä
16. Civil Dissident - Exhibition A-An Ego Trip
17. Bristles - Don`t Fall In Love
18. Bleah - Live at Gimle
19. Rattus - Whole Lotta Rosie
20. Fatal Existence - We Don`t Want It
21. X -  (live)
22. Skjit-Lars - Alt går til helvete
23. Blå-s - Lillegutt
24. SWA - De Control
25. Civil Dissident - Tell me the Solution
26. Mental Crisis - Names Don`t Matter
27. Diet of Worms - Happy and Dumb
28. Diet of Worms - I Was A Poser
29. Dead Virgins - World War Three
30. Bloody Riot - Naia de merda
31. Chronic Disorder - Blood and Honor


  1. I've been searching for a "real" copy of this for years. Thank you! It always seemed to elude me in the tape trader scene back when... I remember it was from Europe possibly Norway and if I'm not mistaken had an attachment to a zine of some sort possibly. I think it might even be created by the same guys that did the international "Extreme Noise" cassette comp, but I could be wrong.


  2. Elvis, thanks for the information. Even though my band is on it I'd never even heard of it until 20 years later when I downloaded it.

  3. Hey, looks like this was released Requiem Productions, a Norwegian label that is still active (!). I found it on this site: