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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sex Pistols magazine articles

 Here are two magazine articles about the Sex Pistols. The first one was printed in the January 16, 1978 issue of Time Magazine. The other one was printed in a 1980 issue of High Times magazine and is about their film D.O.A. - A Rite of Passage.


  1. Dugy, have you seen these articles before? I don't know if they have been circulated.

  2. Dugy, have you ever seen Sex Pistols magazine?

  3. I never seen the article in this quality.

    I have a thousand Sex Pistols photos but never heard of "Sex Pistols magazine". This is US magazine?
    For Sex Pistols lovers here is a link for lots of photos:

  4. That is a very interesting website. I hadn't seen it before. The Sex Pistols magazine was published in USA in 1978 probably to cash in on their US Tour. My copy is all chopped up and missing a couple pages but I plan to scan it anyways.

  5. Never mind , scan it anyway and thanks! This link is special not just for the photos. There are lots of magazine lists, books , articles and history of band. Here is another interesting link

    Enjoy !