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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fabians - Max's, NYC 6-25-81

The Fabians I know nothing about except one band member was in a band called The Maids who released a highly sought after KBD single with the song "Back To Bataan." This show was recorded off the soundboard and sounds great. Anyone have anymore info?

01. Freudian Girls
02. Back To Bataan
03. She’s A Boy
04. Affairs Of The Heart
05. Name In Lights
06. Next Time
07. Walking Out
08. Taking A Long Time
09. It’s Only Time
10. Take A Vacation


  1. The Fabians - Max's Kansas City - New York, NY - June 25, 1981Formed out on the North Shore of Long Island, NY in the late '70s, the band's core included Steve Prisco (guitar) and Iain Morrison (bass), along with Jon Arm on drums and Eamonn Bowles on vocals. Later, Roger Murdock would take over the drum stool.Punk fans will note that there's a cover of (SF punk band) The Maids' "Back To Bataan" in this set. Well, as some may know, John McCormick of The Maids moved to NYC as The Maids' tale came to an end. At one point in his time in New York, McCormick played with The Fabians.Although The Fabians never put out a record, they did plan to put out "Affairs of the Heart" and "Take A Vacation" as a single. Eamonn is digging through the old boxes of cassette tapes to try and find them. With luck, those tracks will appear in either the Long Island episode of Highs in the Mid-80s or on a future episode of The Speed Of Sound.Soon after the dissolution of The Fabians, Steve and Iain helped found The Mosquitos, a band rooted in Merseybeat. Over time, that band would become one of the most popular on the NYC scene. In 1986, The Monkees covered their song, "That Was Then, This Is Now" and rode it into the Top 20. These days, Steve plays with The Blaggards. Eamonn and Roger play with The Martinets.You can read a little bit about the Fabians in one of Steve's blog postings.

  2. Thanks for all the information!