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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Follow Fashion Monkeys - Philadelphia 2-08-87 + Demo 1987

Here's another lost band from Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania. The release one album in 1985, toured the USA with Italy's Indigesti and recorded an unreleased album in 1987 at Inner Ear studios that was produced and mixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara. The live show here has 5 songs that were on that album and the demo has another one. I think that album is now available for purchase on Itunes or one of those internet sites. The live show was recorded through the soundboard so the quality is very good. Sound quality on the demo is also very good.

@ Club Pizzaz, Philadelphia 2-08-87
01. For Your Love [Yardbirds]
02. Ten Years
03. For What It's Worth [Buffalo Springfield]
04. Ready Set Go
05. All American Diner
06. M-16
07. Animal New One
08. America
09. Don't Ask
10. Hot Mustard
11. Rock 'n' Roll Singer [ACDC]

Demo (1987)
01. What About Tomorrow
02. No Direction (take 1)
03. No Direction (take 2)


  1. JD, have you heard their 2nd album?

  2. No, I only have the 1st. Which I love.

  3. JD, the second album you can buy from one of the online music sites. Forget which one. It's different than the first one. The first one is pretty generic, the second one they developed their own style and it's much slower but I think it is much better than the first. It only has 9-10 songs and most of those songs are on these posts.